A Clockwork Purple

The Adventures of a Young Man Whose Interests are Sex, Ultra-violence, and Music

The Chris LeBrane Show!
6 May
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Once a guy who only cared about Music, Movies, Sex, and the pursuit of Rock and roll, now mutated through the means of metamorphosis. He now Really only cares about music, movies, sex, and the pursuit of Rock and Roll. He is the electric love child of more than 10 musicians gang-fucking a moog synthesizer. And though this heinous crime that was committed brought about his existence, he is still coming to terms with this. Due to this incident and knowing about it, he suffers from low self esteem and a bitch electric attitude.

He is half-android, half-human. But he still is the intergalactic FUCK monster, sent from Eroticaland by the Dark Overlord, Billy Ocean, to make puritains outraged and appauled, forcing him into being the subject of spying, plotting, scheming, and all around disdain from peers and enemies alike. He is a wanted man.

3 parts funk, 2 parts rock, 1.5 part Zappa, and 14 parts animalistic instincts, this guy is fucked up. And it makes for some good reading.



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