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Christmas 2010: The List - A Clockwork Purple

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January 2nd, 2011

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10:32 pm - Christmas 2010: The List
Ok, my peoples!

Quickly, this is what I got for Christmas.  Here's the list...for sho!

From Mom and Dad:
2 pairs of slacks (great for work)
2 pairs of jeans (one regular and one frayed style with a double D-ring belt)
A pair of brown slip on dress shoes (nifty!)
A shirt (a prettty AWESOME shirt, complete with sleeves with inner vertical epaulets for rolling up the sleeves...TOTALLY CHRIS)
Polo cologne set (with deodorant)

and I think that was it...I think...I'm sure that was it from them.  If not...I'm sure I will remember later on...

From my cousin, known as "Sister"
A shirt (a nice grey one.  Good for when I don't wanna wear a dress shirt to work)

From my Aunt Ruby:

$25 and a card (Nice!)

From Rose:
4 Poster Frames (The house shall look better with more rock and roll on the walls...in FRAMES!!)
2 Ties (skinny ones...New Wave)
2 shirts (one striped one with a white shirt underneath and also a black slightly see through shirt...gotta start working out....)
An ACER Laptop computer (W00T!)
A Wi-Fi Printer (Double W00T!)

From Rose's Parents:
2 Cross necklaces (and the crosses are HUGE...just like I like them...Black Sabbath style!)
A book entitled "Legends of Rock", a massive book basically covering the careers of the biggest names in rock and pop.  Great pictures. 

From Rose's Sister Helen and her family:
The book "Michael Jackson:  The Making of "Thriller" 4 Days/1983". (The book I totally wanted...the pictorial of the only photographer allowed on the set of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video.  GREAT PICTURES!!!)

From Rose's brother Freddy:
A signed picture of Ace Frehley form KISS.  He met him at a convention.  I can't believe I have Ace's autograph.  AMAZING!!!

And although I am sure he doesn't consider it such...

From Jordan (a/k/a Krumbles)
An EMac computer
A DV camcorder

All in all...a VERY blessed and great Christmas.  I love everyone that I gave to, got from, and just got to see.  And I love you all too!


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