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December 2nd, 2012

In this episode, we see the "nerved" side of Chris as he attempts to get to The Beacham in downtown Orlando for a gig with Kaleigh Baker & NEM. We also get to see a smidge of the performance as well. 

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October 24th, 2012

09:57 pm - Chris LeBrane [Ep. 01] -- "The Hardest Working Musician in Orlando"
Meet Chris LeBrane, a musician, radio show host and YouTube collaborator from the Krumbination. Over the years, he has gotten the reputation of working non-stop with various bands and projects, almost seeming to not sleep, nor take care of himself. How does he do it? This series chronicles his journey and takes a look inside the mind of a guy hell-bent on doing it all.

In this episode, Chris ventures to a Clear Channel radio station to perform with Kaleigh Baker & NEM. Watch as he explains his thoughts on his lifestyle and see if he can keep it all together.

Chris LeBrane [Ep. 01] -- "The Hardest Working Musician in Orlando"
Footage by; Chris LeBrane
Edited by: Jordan Krumbine
Featuring snippets of musical dopeness from: Kaleigh Baker & NEM
"Am I Insane?" performed by: Chris LeBrane

2012. CWL:80 Productions/Horbawrong Studios.

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January 7th, 2011

03:36 pm - Nostalgia...and Keeping Bitches In Check: "What's a Mack To Do?" (2002)

While sitting at work, chatting with fellow Krumbinite, Anna M, we started talking about music, as us musicians will do from time to time.  I then started to shwo her bits and pieces of this journal, which chronicled a good bit of the musical goings-ons of yours truly.  And of course, we talked about the days of WEARD.

For more information on this period, you can check that  out paybak69.livejournal.com/231179.html

But yea!

I started thinking of one song me and the guys did.  It was a Pimp Wilie Port (Ronald, aka Rozzer23) song called "What's a Mack To Do?"

Misogyny and glorification of the Pimp Lifestlye aside, it was one of those tracks that made me feel like I was on the right track musically.  I remember that night well.

My parents were out of town and my friends was over.  For my survival of that weekend, I procured a case of beer, a box of Popeye's chicken, and a healthy selection of pornography to dub onto tapes for me and my friends.  It was during that madness that "What's a Mack To Do?" came forth.

Buzzed out of my head, I recorded all the instruments quickly.  Then Ronald, with the help of me and our buddy Chris Michael, we did the vocals and it was a rap.  Still one of my favorite efforts to this day!

For your viewing pleasure, here are the lyrics.  Remember, it's all in fun, funk and comedy:

By: Pimp Willie Port and The Pimpin' Strong Revue
Written By:  Ronald Miller
Music By:  Chris LeBrane


(Pimpin' Strong Revue!  Ohhh!)
(We in this bitch, let's hit it)

When that trick starts mouthing off
What you do?
You knock her down south

When that trick starts talking back
What you do?
You give her a smack

When that trick starts cuttin' up
What you do?
You shut her up!

When that trick starts mouthing off
What you do?
You know her down south

Now what's a Mack to do?
What's a Mack to do?
What's a Mack to do?
What's a Mack to do?
Now what a pimp 'gon do?
Now what a pimp 'gon do?

(You take that hand, cock it back, and knock her out her SHOES!)

When that john is hittin your bitches
What you do?
You pay him a visit

When that john just don't wanna pay
What you do?
You go to gun-play

When that john is becoming a bother
What you do?
You scoop up his daughter

when that john won't pay up fast
What you do?
Platform in the ass

Now what's a Mack to do?
What's a Mack to do?
What's a Mack to do?
What's a Mack to do?
Now what a pimp 'gon do?
Now what a pimp 'gon do?

(You take that hand, cock it back, and knock her out her SHOES!)

When that bitch is talkin' 'bout leavin
What you do?
You give her a reason

When that bitch is actin' like a bitch
What you do?
Put a coat hanger to the clit

When that trick is mouthing off
What you do?
OH!  You knock her down south

When that trick is talkin' shit
What you do?
You hit her in the lip

Now what's a Mack to do?
What's a Mack to do?
What's a Mack to do?
What's a Mack to do?
Now what a pimp 'gon do?
Now what a pimp 'gon do?

We're gonna (take that hand, cock it back, and knock her out her SHOES!)
(Take that hand, cock it back, and knock her out her SHOES!)

Buster Douglas, on that ass
Tyson, on they ass
Holyfield, on ya ass!

(Ha ha ha...Buster Keaton!)
(Ha ha ha ha...)



Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic
Current Music: Pimp Willie Port and the Pimpin' Strong Revue- What's a Mack To Do?

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January 3rd, 2011

Something I haven't done in years...but since I am quickly approaching my 10th year having this journal (ahhh...the entires....the wars...the fights...the nude pictures...), I might as well go back to something I did back in the day in some way or another...

RANDOM SENTENCES!!!  I am sure I probably had a wayy cooler name for it back then...(I'll find it)...and I did...

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  ORGASM OF THE MIND (Est. September 18th, 2001)
2011 Edition

Seriously...off the top of my head...judge me slowly...

When in the throws of intense passion with a BLACK BEAR in the woods...one might not want to put honey anywhere that's vital...or that can easily become sore...

Ok...that was horrible.

Let's try another...

I am a french fry whore...If I could marry french fries...I wouldn't...because I'd go to jail...for eating my wife.


The way that guys look at girls and the way girls look at shoes and purses is how I look at Synthesizers.  They are truly the pornography of music.

If no one knew my history...I was created when about 20 or so of the most famous musicians in Rock and Modern Pop history got together and gang banged a Moog Synthesizer.  Trust me...it's in my profile...I think.


Moving on...

If people lived on the Moon, do you think the "EarthWalk" would be a famous dance move?

Just put me on a beef patty and toss a bun on me...so cheesy...

Even THAT was cheesy.

It's funny to think that on February 12th, it will have been 10 years since I started this journal.  It's been a blast and a half...and it shall continue.  Sometimes I cringe a bit at the older posts...but fuck it.  I always said that I would keep it real and always be proud of the past...so there it is.  I can dig it.  And I hope you all can too!

From Crazy Stories to Real World Crotch Stacks, To LJ Battles to Essays on KISS and Zappa...from me telling you all what I wanted to do with someone...to telling you what I wanna do with someone.  Some things never change.

But I am Chris...son of Warren Sr...and Maker of MANY! (Not really...kids=bad)

I shall take my leave of you.

I am sure this post has made no sense to anyone, let alone the author.

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January 2nd, 2011

10:32 pm - Christmas 2010: The List
Ok, my peoples!

Quickly, this is what I got for Christmas.  Here's the list...for sho!

From Mom and Dad:
2 pairs of slacks (great for work)
2 pairs of jeans (one regular and one frayed style with a double D-ring belt)
A pair of brown slip on dress shoes (nifty!)
A shirt (a prettty AWESOME shirt, complete with sleeves with inner vertical epaulets for rolling up the sleeves...TOTALLY CHRIS)
Polo cologne set (with deodorant)

and I think that was it...I think...I'm sure that was it from them.  If not...I'm sure I will remember later on...

From my cousin, known as "Sister"
A shirt (a nice grey one.  Good for when I don't wanna wear a dress shirt to work)

From my Aunt Ruby:

$25 and a card (Nice!)

From Rose:
4 Poster Frames (The house shall look better with more rock and roll on the walls...in FRAMES!!)
2 Ties (skinny ones...New Wave)
2 shirts (one striped one with a white shirt underneath and also a black slightly see through shirt...gotta start working out....)
An ACER Laptop computer (W00T!)
A Wi-Fi Printer (Double W00T!)

From Rose's Parents:
2 Cross necklaces (and the crosses are HUGE...just like I like them...Black Sabbath style!)
A book entitled "Legends of Rock", a massive book basically covering the careers of the biggest names in rock and pop.  Great pictures. 

From Rose's Sister Helen and her family:
The book "Michael Jackson:  The Making of "Thriller" 4 Days/1983". (The book I totally wanted...the pictorial of the only photographer allowed on the set of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video.  GREAT PICTURES!!!)

From Rose's brother Freddy:
A signed picture of Ace Frehley form KISS.  He met him at a convention.  I can't believe I have Ace's autograph.  AMAZING!!!

And although I am sure he doesn't consider it such...

From Jordan (a/k/a Krumbles)
An EMac computer
A DV camcorder

All in all...a VERY blessed and great Christmas.  I love everyone that I gave to, got from, and just got to see.  And I love you all too!


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January 1st, 2011

10:52 pm - 2011: A New Year...New Possibilities
What's going on party peoples?!!?

Happy New Year to you all.  It's 2011...and damn it sure feels good.

2010 was a good year.  A lot of creativitiy came out of that year, and it has set the paceof the upcoming year!

Just briefly, I shall mention the "highlights" of my 2010:

I ended up joining a band called the Unit Shifters, as a drummer, which was good, since I started out on drums (my first love) and also because my fellow Aristocracy band mate Pete is the guitarist.  No matter what goes down...me and Pete stay together.  It's a beautiful thing.

Waking Dreamer, the band that I mentioned in February , never made it to the studio.  The album never got made.  About a week or so after writing said journal entry, the band broke up.  One person felt that the band wasn't progressing enough for him and the other wanted to essentially grow up in so many words.  It hurt my soul and left me a bit jaded for a bit.  But out of those ashes has formed another nucleus which shall spawn into another band.  But I will explain that later in the entry.

At the time of the journal entry, I embarked on another creative endeavor:  acting in YouTube vids.  Starting off with Krumbines Brain (a show doen by my friend and creative partner, Jordan Krumbine) in which I did some work on two episodes. Then came WEBCAMS, another show he created.  I shal explain more about this in deeper detal later, but I am proud to say that we are 30 episodes into it, and it's been a hell of a ride!  There are many different things that have gone on in what we all call the Krumbination.  So much, in fact, that it deserves it's own entry.  So look out for that.  After that entry, i shall start posting up past episodes for all of you to check out!

On May 6th, I turned 30.  This was a relatively normal birthday...turning 30 wasn't a huge huge deal (I had a few minor freakout thoughts here and there), but the big deal of said birthday was that I had my very frist surprise party!  (NOTE:  This is not to discredit my mom for the McDonald's birthday Party Surprise of 1987 or the Swimming Surprise Party of 1989...but this was my first adult-styled surprise party).  I was majorly surprised to see all my friends and co-workers at the Green Parrot (our after-work hangout) complete with a cake, decorations, and a miniature blowup doll (we had FUN with that thing!!).  It was a great night...great times.

Me and Rose (a/k/a McGiggles) went to Destin, FL to vacation for a weekend with my parents and their two friends from Alabama.  It was really fun.  We all stayed in a condo on the beach and spent the 4th of July weekend hanging out.  It was a fun trip.

Me and McGiggles and her family (mom and dad) went to New York to visit her sister's family.  We had a blast!  Me and McGiggles took 3 days and went to New York City on our own.  It was my first time in New York and it was AMAZING!!!  We saw soo many things...too many to mention. Another entry for that!  And hopefully, there will be pictures!!

I went home for Christmas and that was great.  I got to see the majority of the family and my friends (with the exception of a few, especially Josh and Ron...their presence was missed this year), and I got some cool stuff too!  Also, I wanted to show my love to my Facebook people, so I left them all a personal Christmas post on their walls, all 272 of them...by hand.  It's what I do.

From the ashes of Waking Dreamer and the hiatus of the Aristocracy comes a new band consisting of me, Pete and our buddy Omar Rodriguez (drummer for Waking Dreamer).  We have all been highly influenced by dance music over the last few years.  And with all of us being synthesizer freaks, we really wanna go in that direction.  More updates as they come!

So that was the year in a nutshell.  There was a lot that I still need to mention, and I will do my best to get you all back up to speed on things.  But 2011 is here!  And it's gonna be a busy year! 

Really quick, I will tell you of the things you can be excited for in the world of Chris:

Regular Updates

As much as I can, I am going to try and write more in this.  For years, LJ was my mistress...I must not neglect her.

Musical Projects

From what I can see, I can see about 5 music projects coming forth this year from me.  Of course, I will be updating you along the way.  So if you dig my music (or if you haven't heard it yet), get ready, because it's coming!!!  Also...music from others is coming as well!!

Video Projects

Since being in things like WEBCAMS and also making my first music vid, I have been wanting to get more and more into video stuff, which should be common knowledge if you have read this journal over the years. But scripted vlogs, sketches, shows and music vids to come!

Erotic Writing

If anyone has read this journal (or plain out knows me), I have a rather large obsession for the ol' in out in out (as Alex the Droog would say it).  I like thinking about it, hence, I probably like writing about it.

So I plan on doing some projects in this field.  So, nine times out of ten, I may not post them in this journal (so ask me or something if any of you want to read them when they are done.)

The Band

This of course ties into the musical projects, but this also deals with getting back into the Orlando music scene and taking it a step further.  Word.

There are more things that will be going on, for sure.  But I can say this:  it's gonna be hard...it's gonna be tough...but it's gonna be kick ass!  I'm very excited for 2011. 


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December 3rd, 2010

10:05 am - The Return of A Clockwork Purple: Venting in the Name of ART

Hello ladies and gentlemen...

I have returned.

It's been a long long time since I have written in this journal.  A lot has obviously happened in the time since I have done so.  Usually, I would try and recap just about everything that I could remember.  At the present moment, I just can't bring myself to go through that.  So, here's my new approach:  whenever I bring up something new, if there's a story that goes along with it, I will tell the tale.  That way, not only am I getting the new out on the table, but you'll get the back story as well.

But this isn't a happy return.

Well...I probably shouldn't be so dramatic about it, but it's still not a joyous post, this post.

At my job, they blocked bandwidth-sucking sites such as Youtube and Grooveshark, as well as any other sites that would make you happy.

I am not happy.  I am pretty pissed off.  Kinda been crying a bit.

Now, for those who say "Well, it IS your job.  It's supposed to be a place of business."...shut up.

Stop being a right-winged asshole.  It sucks, and I am not gonna sit here and accept it like it's fine.

YouTube has pretty much become my second girlfriend.  I have a real one, but YouTube is another one for sure.  Since I have been gone, me and my friends have been posting our short internet shows on YouTube.  Not your average bullshit girl in front of a cam or nut shots, but actual scripted shows.  My job is mind numbing enough, so YouTube helped with that.  I could keep up with what we were all doing (as I consider my art my second job) and all that jazz.

I also do a radio show, in which I use Grooveshark to  make my playlists for the night. Now I can't do that at work.

This bullshit move they have done has just messed shit up big time for me.  No longer can I just go home and spend time with my girlfriend.  Now I have to sit and watch everything and cram shit in until night, trying to find the latest shit, as an 8 hour period of shit has transpired in which I couldn't do my research and promoting.  It sucks.

I understand fully why they did it.  Makes perfect business sense.  That doesn't mean they should have.

Fuck it, these "distracting" sites keep us from going mad in this bland ass office.

Why am I bitching?  No one is going to agree with me.  No one seems to have the same mind as me.

So I just will be busier.  Which is probably what I need.  I need to get ever MORE on the grind (is that even possible?) so I can get the fuck out of here and make my own money and do what I want.  Simple as that.

I'm sorry for this post.  It's stupid and not a proper return.  But nonetheless, I am back.

Stay tuned for more positive and cooler posts.  When I can, I will start sharing the vids me and my peoples have been doing.  I hope you guys will enjoy them.


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February 22nd, 2010

04:50 pm - Valentine's Getaway and The Star Machine: 2 Weeks of Chris!
What up!?!?!

I would have to say that this past weekend was one of the more productive and rewarding weekends I have had so far in 2010.

But we'll get to that in a second.

For Valentine's weekend, me and Rose spent it at the luxurious Gaylord Palms Hotel in Orlando, FL.  The trip, slightly guised as a means of getaway based upon our apartment's carpet getting cleaned, was something that Rose wanted to do for some time now.  She is a lover of hotels and things of that nature (as am I) and a nice V-Day weekend getway would do us some good, we figured.

We were right.

We made it there Friday night after checking up on the apartment.  We checked in, and I immediately set up shop with the drinks that she bought (Bloody Mary components, Champagne (the real cheap shit...I love it), vodka, and assorted juices.  We then went out to eat at a really nice Steakhouse within the hotel.  The food was MAGNIFIQUE!  After that, we strolled through the large indoor small scale cities that the hotel had to offer and then we hit the hay.

The next day, we ate at another restaurant inside the hotel, complete with it's own large boat in water in which people could dine (the hotel's motif was areas of FL, like St. Augustine and Flagler and whatnot).  After that, we got a couple's massage and pedicure at the hotel spa.  It was my first professional massage, and it was AMAZING!!!  Hot stones and all that hot stuff.  And the pedicure was pretty kick ass.  Usually, I don't dig them (guy factor), but the girl was pretty cool.  She had a voice like Lisa Coleman (Prince and the Revolution) and a hairstyle like Bettie Page.  She gave me a compliment on my feet (something that NEVER happens), and since the whole deal was a pre-paid sort of affair, I knew it wa pretty genuine.  Ever if it wasn't, it was a massive success.  I don't think Rose's experience with the feet was as good as mine, but I dug it all!

After that, we were VERY relaxed and tired, so we retired to the room and virtually passed out for the rest of the night. 

The next day, Valentine's Day, we checked out of the hotel and then made it back into the hotel to get in line for the opening of the Valentine's Day brunch, served up at the Villa Nova restaurant in the hotel.  It was also my frist brunch, so that was pretty exciting.  I had some ham, some bacon, some waffles, breadsticks, and a doughnut for good measure.  I ate a good bit of it, but didn't pig out.  We sipped on champange and chilled for about an hour or so and then bounced out towards home, where we chilled even harder.  A good weekend for sure!

Because of my low funds, I didn't get to give Rose a proper V-Day gift.  So, for her generousity over the weekend, I took her out to dinner once or twice and also picked up dinner for us a few times.  Not the best, but not the worst.  All in all, great stuff!

Now...back to this weekend!

It all started a few weeks ago, to be honest.  I had been recently longing to play the drums.  As long standing readers know about me, I started all of this musical stuff off on the drums pretty much.  So, when I moved to FL, I strayed in order to pick up more instruments, primarily the bass (and improvements upon keyboards, which I also play).  So after years of not playing, one can become kinda sad about it. 

In my new band, Waking Dreamer, we decided to switch up some instruments for a song called "They Coming", in which I do play the drums.  While fun, it's still a work in progress, hence, not so fun to play yet.  And with this being my only outlet, I just stayed patient for my next moment. 

It came sooner than I thought.

On Thursday, my Aristocratic band member/friend Pete texted me.  He told me that the band he plays in now, called the Unit Shifters (fronted by Shwill, a guy we've known for quite some years), just recently suffered the quitting of their drummer.  They asked if I would be able to fill in for a show on Saturday (which was also serving as the Going-Away party for our good friend Jessica).  I immediately said yes and began practicing with them for the gig that same day.  Pretty much 72-hours later, I played the gig with them and it went AWESOMELY!!!  I got a lot of cheers, props, and positive feedback from my performance.  We all did great, and it was a good night had by all.

Although, there was a bit of sadness.  Jessica, my good friend, our good friend, ex girl to my drummer Chase, has left for PA.  She is going to school up there and is going on with Phase II of her life.  We were happy to see her moving up, but sad she would be gone.  When she hugged me after the show, she cried and told me she loved me over and over again.  I could have held her all night.  She was there for me at a really bad time in my life, and I will forever be grateful for that.  I love you Jessica.  We will see each other again.  THIS PARTY AIN'T OVER!

So, after a good day like Saturday, I woke up Sunday EXTREMELY tired and sore from drumming so much.  So, I backed out of the Waking Dreamer practice to recoup.  I wasn't a lazy-ass either.  I got some shit done.  I worked on some music, cleaned up the apartment and also filmed some video for a collaboration I am doing with my homie Jordan.  In all, I think that was a damn good day.

This weekend showed me that if I just do it, great things follow.  My plan is to keep the ball rolling, keep on doing awesome things, and keep on getting the accolades.  I am determined to be a superstar in anything I do, and Thank God, it seems to haven't failed me yet.


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February 8th, 2010

02:56 pm - On The Search For Rescue Tactics From The Blahs...
What's up peeps?!?!

Been a few weeks since I have updates anything dealing with the ongoings of America's No. 1 funk surgeon, yours truly, Chris LeBrane.  And it's still all good!

Things are on the up and up, or either just on the straight plains.  Nothing really to bitch about, yet nothing really to shout about either.

And that's the state of things right now:  blah...or bleh rather.  It's like things are becoming old hat and change is needed.  But I hate change, so therein lies a problem.

Right now, me and Waking Dreamer are doing preliminary recording for our first album, which will hopefully be done and out by this summer.  Recording records is always a fun/annoying thing to do.  There are many different way to record an album.  I just have to keep that in mind...

Which is why I am kinda excited about the solo works I am working on as well.  I have no idea what people will think of the material, but the best thing about it for me is that I did it (or doing it, rather) my way.  No input from others (commonplace in band situations, but I was never a fan when it came to certain things), no compromises, no bullshit.  Just pure Chris...It's what the people want.  So I am excited about both things.  So look forward to those things!
So, this weekend is me and Rose's Valentines weekend extravaganza!  A full weekend of pampering at the Gaylord Palms Hotel.  It's gonna be awesome!  It's gonna be great to get away, even if it is in town.  But my phone will be off, FOR SURE!

But back to the blahs, both me and Rose are having these feelings.  I think we just have some goals that we wanna accomplish, but we can't seem to get it together, based on our laziness.  So hopefully after this vacay, we will get on the ball...and then...BOOM!!  Another level for the hottest couple this side of your mother's face!

Aiight.  I am gonna bounce. 

Peace, Niggaz!
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Current Music: Fever Ray - When I Grow Up

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December 27th, 2009

12:55 pm - Home Away From Homeward Bound
What's up kiddies?

I have been chillin since we got back from church.  It was actually good to be back in church, since I don't really go as much as I used to.  I should probably make that more of a habit, though.  We shall see how it goes...

I will be returning to Orlando tonight.  By and large, it was a VERY enjoyable trip.  I was glad to see my fam and some of my friends.  I shall attempt to get some pics up on here and possibly Facebook for people to peep.

Stay tight and greasy, peoples.

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